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Did you know that New Zealand is actually a real land of wonders?

It's the place where grass is really greener, lakes, seas and oceans are really bluer than anywhere else, people are kind and live their own pace of life.

The Cathedral Cove was the place where they shot 'The Chronicles of Narnia', Alexander's farm was turned into Hobbiton and The Green Dragon's Inn was actually burned to the ground, only to be later restored and serve a real Hobbit beer to tourists.

Kiwis are nocturnal birds that do not fly as they have no wings, glowworms living in the caves imitate stars.

In the vicinity of Tekapo Lake and Mount Cook there's a natural International Dark Sky Reserve where the sky is always clear and you can see all the stars in the sky.

The Southern island is full of sheep and the Northern full of cows.

They have empty hot spring beaches, beautiful and colourful volcanic sulphate lakes, smelly thermal wonderland, Maori faces carved in the giant rock walls and the clearest and cleanest spring in the world where the water is so clean that it's similar to distilled water.

National park where still some people are lucky to have their houses in and where before starting a boat trip you're taken into the water by a tractor.

A dairy company which holds around 50% of the world's butter market.

High penalties for bringing in foreign food and dirty shoes into the country.

Iris flowers and koi fish are pests and you should report them to the authorities whenever you see them.

There's a waterfall in Milford Sound that is a sole provider of water and electricity to the whole area.

New Zealanders call themselves Kiwis and tend to pronounce English words in a strange manner (seven -> siven, heaven -> hiven, deck -> .... :)).

And you still may meet there Polish tourists or residents accidentally everywhere.

It's a country that you have to visit!

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